The Effects of Laxative Addiction

June 26, 2017

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Effects of Laxative Addiction

People can’t become physically addicted to laxatives themselves, but they can become addicted to the activity of abusing laxatives. This is very common in eating disorders, and the effects of laxative addiction are not so pleasant. A lot of times people who have binge eating disorders will consume laxatives excessively, all to try to “flush” the food out of the body before it really does anything for the body.


The effectiveness of abusing laxatives is all a myth though. And people do not realize this, but that is the sad truth of the matter. Realistically, laxatives actually do a lot of damage to the body when taken for reasons that they are not intended for. When laxatives are abused, people think that they are actually getting something done by flushing food out. However, the vast majority of food is already absorbed in the small intestine before it ever gets to the large intestine. Furthermore, when one does take laxatives with this intention, what does end up getting flushed are things like water, minerals, electrolytes, and fiber. These are all crucial and necessary for one’s health, and it is poor form to flush them so.

When a person does lose weight from abusing laxatives, what weight they are losing is all water weight. That’s all. Abusing laxatives seriously dehydrates a body. When the person rehydrates, the weight is gained back again. If the person does not rehydrate in an effort to keep the weight down, they risk a serious health ramification of depriving the body of water for too long. Simply stated, laxative abuse is entirely ineffective for helping people to lose weight.

Effects of Laxative Addiction

Laxatives are not something that should be consumed except for when they are needed for a specific, physical condition at that time. Laxative addiction is something that can come about when people take laxatives to lose weight and just like any other circumstances of taking this drug not as it is intended, this approach is dangerous and has lasting effects of laxative addiction.

If someone is addicted to laxatives, the best route for them is to go to a treatment center for addiction in general. In these types of situations, the best approach is the approach that anyone who is addicted to anything would use, and that is to use an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

In this day and age, people can become addicted to just about anything. Drug and alcohol addiction is now a serious problem and a very real concern that a lot of people struggle with, and the problem is tantamount to disaster in this country. Drug and alcohol addiction has only gotten worse and worse as the years go by. While major efforts have been taken to do something about this, an effective solution that is permanent and lasting has not yet been arrived at.

One of the biggest issues with drug and alcohol addiction is that there are now far more substances that people can use and abuse than there ever was before. The sheer prevalence of addictive drugs in this country is staggering, and the growing occurrences of addictions and abuse of these substances is steadily becoming more and more scary for us. One such issue, for example, is the increasing trend of the use and abuse of laxatives.

Laxative addiction and the effects of laxative addiction need to be resolved with education and other tools. Primarily, one needs to find their path and their freedom from addiction by finding the root, underlying cause of why they are abusing the substance in the first place. Once this is found, that person can then move forward in finding their freedom and their abstinence from drug and alcohol addiction. This is the right approach and the only truly effective approach.

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