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Paths To Addiction RecoverySuffering from addiction and abuse is a long, hard road to travel down. When you take that difficult first step to seek treatment for your addiction, there are many choices out there and many paths to addiction recovery. The program provides you with many options to put together a treatment program that is right for you and your addiction. We have an open-ended treatment program that averages a 30-90 day stay. Our beautiful facility is located on 14 beautiful acres that has a peaceful private lake to provide a serene setting for your recovery in our 60,000 square foot facility. Our professional and friendly staff help to make you comfortable as you learn about your addiction and options.

We offer a variety of therapies and paths to addiction recovery that help repair the damage that addiction has done to every area of your body and life. We respect the rights and beliefs of our clients and allow you to make the choices for the paths to addiction recovery that are right for you. Finding your own spiritual path for this journey is important so we offer a number of spiritual rehab therapies including Holistic, Cognitive, Faith-based, Self-help and Native American Spirituality. These various spiritual therapies complement our other treatment therapies and counseling to help ensure that you heal in mind, body and spirit.

Healing The Mind And Body

Healing the extensive damaged that addiction has done to your body is also important. Since addicts tend to neglect their body and their health because their focus and priorities are geared toward the drugs and alcohol, we provide the necessary staff and facilities to help aid in healing the body. Learning how to love your body again and regain your health is of utmost importance. We provide exercise facilities, a sauna and counselors to help with nutrition for all of our clients.

Individual and group counseling is one of the most important parts of a proper treatment program. This is where you learn to deal with the addiction and all of the havoc that it has reeked upon your life. Once the drugs are no longer there to cloud your perception of life and reality and the numbness is no longer there to cover your feelings, the emotions and feelings of seeing yourself and your life clearly again can be overwhelming. Individual and group therapies help you learn to deal with these feelings and begin to repair some of the damage that has been done to yourself and relationships.

Finding The Right Paths To Addiction Recovery

The program also provides Moral Reconation Therapy to help deal with your addiction, as well as providing educational lectures and various workshops. All of these things can be combined together to create a successful plan of treatment for you and your addiction. Beginning a new life free from the restraints of addiction begins with finding the right paths to addiction recovery for you.

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