Suicide and Addiction

September is the National Suicide Prevention Month and it’s now being wondered if there is a link between suicide and addiction. It’s a wise question to have answered. Many are curious about the statistics and research behind the connection. Not only that but how drugs affect the body and brain to lead to possible suicide.

Here are some of the facts to know:

  • Following depression, substance abuse is the second leading cause of suicides
  • 20% of those with substance use disorders, they also have a diagnosed depressive disorder

With those afflicted with both disorders, the rate of suicides significantly increases. What is called a co-occurring disorder are those with two disorders at the same time and require medication. When someone with depression has access to medication that is supposed to help them, the suicidal tendencies are known to lean them towards an overdose. Or with the ever-rising side effects of some depression medications, they will then have even more of an incentive towards suicide and addiction.

When you consider how drugs affected the body and brain, those taking medications or other substances are not functioning with a clear mind. A mental fog can occur and cloud judgment, sound logic or worse. Many drugs create pseudo-emotions or sensations, which can deteriorate the body and mind over time.

Drug Effects on Health

The effects of drugs on the mind can linger even long after you stop taking them. Most rehabs deal with withdrawals and think once that period is over, there are no lingering effects from the drugs. This is not true. Most street drugs stay in the fatty tissues of the body and can reactivate over time, causing problems with the mind. Imagine being in the office years after being sober and having a similar “trip” suddenly turn on? This is where drugs are a serious problem for your health and state of well-being.

Taking drugs can severely damage your body, no matter the length of time of taking them. The effects of drugs on the mind and the drug effects on health are both crucial points to consider when it comes to substances. It can take years to reverse the damage done by drugs to both your body and brain. There are a few rehabs that have very effective programs to help with the nutrition and detox aspects of overcoming addiction. This can also be used for those with suicidal tendencies.

Link Between Suicide and Addiction

How drugs affect the body and brain are definite links to suicide. Any substance that lowers your ability to think straight or help your body’s health are risks to the full state of your life. Addiction is no slight problem to brush aside when it comes to the topic of suicide. The last thing anyone would want is to see a loved one lost to addiction and commit suicide because they see no other way out.

Addiction can be the solution for someone with a whole range of issues happening in one’s life, including:

  • Losing a job
  • Family problems
  • Relationship problems such as divorce, cheating, fights
  • Legal issues
  • Health issues
  • Financial worries

Any of these can lead someone to start an addiction to help them deal with the stress. It may not even begin as an addiction, but opens the doorway to a full-blown addiction. Then the additional concern of how drugs affect the body and brain can come into play. This is a link to suicide and addiction that should not be ignored, either by the person addicted themselves or people close to them that are observing any of these problems. There can be something done about addiction, especially before it leads to suicide.

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