Lortab Painkiller Risk

December 28, 2016

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Lortab Painkiller - Lortab Addiction

Lortab painkiller is a pain medication, in pill form. It is used to treat mild to severe pain. It is made up of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is an opioid, similar to morphine and heroin.  Acetaminophen is less potent but works well to boost the effects of hydrocodone.

Hydrocodone can be addictive, especially for people that have suffered from a drug addiction. You do not have to abuse it to become addicted to it. Hydrocodone attaches itself to the brain’s opioid receptors. This reduces pain and creates a feeling of euphoria. It also interacts with the reward center in the brain which reinforces continued use.

Lortab is a dangerous drug because of the hydrocodone. It can slow down or stop breathing, interfere with brain functions and can also cause psychosis. Because of its potency it has also been know to kill people who abuse it.

Lortab Painkiller Side Effects

A few immediate side effects are nausea, vomiting, and dry mouth. Some people experience a sudden onset of anger immediately after initial use. A slow heart rate and difficulty breathing are uncommon with Lortab because it slows down your heart rate. Severe side effects also include blurry vision, confusion or even more scary seizures.

Long Term Side Effects

Long term Lortab painkiller abuse can cause real damage to the body. As I mentioned earlier, it interacts with parts of your brain. If this drug is abused overtime it will permanently damage these functions. Let’s discuss the “reward system” part of the brain. Because this drug provides the brain with a false sense of reward it ruins its normal functions. Overtime, one will find it difficult to get pleasure in normal healthy everyday activities. The acetaminophen will damage the liver with long term use. Sad to say but some pay the ultimate price with their life. This drug can kill.

Signs of Lortab Painkiller Addiction

Look for the signs of addiction. Other than the typical signs the generally follow any addiction such as, loss of interest in hobbies, irritability, etc. Lortab has a few specific to it, including unexplained excessive drowsiness and slowed or shallow breathing. Constricted or small pupils are also signs of Lortab addiction. These signs are similar to the signs of heroin addiction.

Detoxing from hydrocodone can be exceptionally difficult because it affects the brain in such a dramatic way. However, the dramatic mood swings can lead to anxiety. When you combine mood swings and anxiety, depression is not too far behind. That will cause users to return to the drug simply to escape these feelings.

Because Lortab painkiller is especially addictive, it may be difficult to realize there is a problem. Therefore, if you suspect someone you love of being addicted to Lortab speak to them. They may not even realize what going on. They could be thinking they are just “following the doctor’s orders.” You could be opening their eyes to a problem they were unaware existed.

Added to that, people addicted to this drug are very vulnerable mentally and emotionally. Be gentle with them and ease the conversation on them. Reassured them you love them and that you will be there for them.

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