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Living with addiction can be a traumatic experience for everyone involved.  Addiction plagues the lives of many people everyday as it continues to be a growing trend.  Addiction puts stress on loved ones from the unexpected and frightening situations that addiction brings into their lives, often causing the split-up of many families, making them feel as if they are spiraling out of control.  Their lives become consumed by the addiction just like the person who is actually addicted.

Living With Addiction Takes Its Toll

Living With AddictionOver time, many family members and loved ones get tired of dealing with the added stress and problems that are caused by addiction.  At this point, some try a drug intervention while others just give up.  For others, it can even drag them into the addiction as an escape method for themselves.  Many marriages that have the added stress of addiction eventually end up in divorce.

A person that suffers from addiction will often neglect all other responsibilities and priorities.  Obtaining and using the drug becomes their primary focus causing, even more, havoc for family members.  Financially, the family may begin to struggle because the addict is spending what money they have on drugs as well as neglecting work-related responsibilities which likely results in unemployment.

Addicts often disappear for days or weeks at a time as they go on binges leaving loved ones panicked and worried. Other problems from addiction become evident when health problems and dangers are imposed as a result of addiction.  Addicts put themselves and others in dangerous situations with the health risks associated with sexual or blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV that result from the use of drugs.

Free Yourself From Addiction

Living with addiction is not a good life for anyone, but there is hope for a better and safer life through addiction treatment programs.  Many families continue to suffer everyday when they do not have to.  We offer many options for successful treatment programs that can help you or a loved one take back control of their life.  Living with addiction does not have to continue when freedom and relief from addiction can begin with one phone call.

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