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Leading Substance AddictionAlcohol addiction is the leading substance addiction in the world.  This addiction has been around for hundreds of years, but was not considered a threat until people started dying because of alcohol and its effects.  When you abuse alcohol it puts a strain on your body and mind.  You start to lose control of your body, say things that you would not normally say, act as if you do not care about consequences of your actions, and sometimes see things that are not there.  These effects are just the effects that you have when you are under the influence.  The feelings of alcohol have led this to be the leading substance addiction.  The lifelong effects of alcohol addiction go much deeper and can kill you.

Leading Substance Addiction Affects Everything

When you abuse alcohol it changes your mind and body so much that in some cases you become unrecognizable.  You start to lose memory, capability to succeed in the world, you lose friends, family, your career, drop or fail out of school, and you also gain weight, get acne, and your face begins to redden and look flustered at all times.  When you abuse alcohol you also have problems with your health that can be life threatening.  Some of these problems include heart attack, liver or kidney failure, cancer, and coma.

Treatment Options Abuse and Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a deadly disease that is not worth the feeling of loss of control that you have while under the influence.  If you are addicted to the leading substance addiction in the nation and you are ready to start fresh free from addiction, call and speak with one of your addiction treatment professionals now.  They can help you in choosing a great program that will help you fight back against alcohol addiction and come out on top alcohol addiction free.

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