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If you want to know how to stop addiction, you should first know that recovery is a personal experience that can vary greatly from each person.  A number of multiple components may be considered when developing a person’s treatment program including the length and severity of the person’s addiction, the user’s environment, and chances for relapse.

Steps of How to Stop Addiction

How to Stop AddictionOne of the first steps in any addiction recovery is understanding the need for a change of environment.  An individual in recovery will go through behavioral therapy which includes both inpatient and outpatient approaches.   After stabilization, therapy will begin to teach a person how to stop a drug addiction by teaching how to and about changing their environment and breaking old habits.  They will have to leave behind old friends that are associated with drug usage, including dealers.  They are taught how to identify and deal with situations or people that may trigger relapse.

Some rehabilitation programs may also use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a treatment option.  In this type of behavioral therapy, it teaches a short-term approach helping an addict learn how to stop addiction.  It is a very focused therapy that utilizes a person’s learning processes to teach about development and continuation of substance abuse and dependence.  Assuming that addiction  is a learned behavior, this method is used to reduce substance abuse by teaching an addict how to recognize, avoid, and cope with addiction.

Well-Rounded Approach to Treat Addiction

Addiction treatment programs also offer counseling for emotional and spiritual issues in a person’s life.  Stopping an addiction can be a very shameful and embarrassing issue for an individual to face. The behaviors that are associated with addiction, such as lying and stealing and unexplained financial problems can completely go against a person’s morals and values.  It can create an overwhelming amount of guilt that can easily cause them to relapse in order to avoid these feelings.  A good support system of counselors trusted individuals, and clergies can help tremendously with dealing with these feelings and issues.

Aftercare programs can be another big piece of the recovering addicts support system.  They generally help stop addiction by teaching an addict to take responsibility for their actions and how to make amends while learning how to stop your addiction.  Recovering addicts that utilize and attend these addiction treatment programs greatly increase their chances of recovery.

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