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Cycle of AddictionBreaking the cycle of addiction can be one of the most challenging and daunting trials of your life. Addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs or other dependent habits, is a disease and research has shown that the brain of the addicted is physiologically and chemically different from the average brain. The cycle of addiction starts with substance abuse, loss of control, guilt overuse, cessation of use, a passage of time, internal frustration, daydreaming over the substance, obsessing over the substance and leading back to substance abuse, and starting the cycle of addiction all over again. Intense cravings or desires combined with withdrawal symptoms can make stopping even harder. The more times a person stops and starts their addiction, the more discouraged and defeated they will feel.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Can Help Stop the Cycle of Addiction

Inpatient rehabilitation can help stop the cycle of addiction once and for all, because of the intense counseling as well as the 24-hour support the client will receive. An inpatient rehab center implements the group settings to encourage the client so that they know they are not alone. There are others who suffer the same life-altering disorder. They will be able to talk about their inner hindrances, remorse over the use of the substance, and find ways to cope and stop the addiction forever.

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