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Chronic pain dependency usually occurs when a person must rely on prescription painkillers for an extended period of time following surgery or during chronic illness such as cancer. The medication was prescribed to help for a short term, but the pain seemed to still be there and you kept taking them until you no longer knew whether you were in pain or not. The pain you once had is more than likely gone, so the pain pills are doing nothing but giving you the satisfaction that you took it for the day so you are okay to live normal.

Chronic Pain Dependency Mind Games

Chronic Pain DependencyThe mind was saying you needed it, but the body wasn’t so sure. You tried to stop, but withdrawal symptoms set in and you couldn’t bear the pain so you continue taking them. You have been taking the pain pills for so long that your body is dependent and you continue to crave them. Now you have a problem it’s no longer chronic pain dependency it’s become addiction.

When a person is dependent on pain pills, they take them daily simply to be able to function in normal routines.  The difference between dependency and addiction is small, and it isn’t difficult to cross the thin line into addiction without even realizing what has happened.  As dependency continues, the body is building up a higher tolerance level to the drug, and this results in the need for larger doses or stronger pills to get the desired results.  When this occurs, a person will often result to illicit means for obtaining the high doses they now need.  Some will begin “doctor shopping”, some will buy or steal drugs from friends or family members, and others will resort to using street drugs which are cheaper and easier to obtain.

Get Help For Addiction and Dependency

If chronic pain dependency becomes an addiction, only professional help can resolve the situation for you.  Your mind and body must be cleansed of all traces of the drug, and you will need to learn effective techniques for managing pain without the need for these highly addictive drugs.  At a residential treatment facility the professional, highly skilled addiction specialists are dedicated to helping you take back control of your body and your life.

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