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The biological causes for addiction are being understood more and more everyday as science advances in understanding the aspects of man. Because addiction has become such a huge problem in today’s growing society, research continues to find easier and more effective treatments.  Research also searches to find the answers to many questions about addiction.   One of those many questions is why are some more susceptible to addiction than others?  What are the causes of addiction and exactly how big of a role do they play in determining who develops an addiction and who does not?

Do You Know the Biological Causes For Addiction?

Biological Causes For AddictionWhile no one is immune to developing an addiction, there are various risk factors that can make some more susceptible to addiction than others.  Research has determined that environment and genetics both can play huge roles in deciding who may be more susceptible to addiction.  With this being said, this also means that the breakdown of environment and genetics causes gender, ethnicity, and social class to play a part in addiction development.

It is widely believed among researchers that alcoholism may be inherited and research studies have shown that those people coming from a history of alcoholism are more likely to develop an alcohol addiction themselves.  The same proves to be true with any other addiction such as drugs.  This is also where environment comes into play as well as those that are raised in an environment with addiction often view the behavior as an acceptable way of life.

Traumatic experiences also can cause a person to be at high risk for developing an addiction to self-medicate.  Many who are raised in abusive environments and suffer at the hands of abuse, whether sexual, physical, or emotional seem to develop addictions more often than those who did not.

Emotional and mental disorders have both been found to be underlying causes of addiction.  While some may not be inherited, many are which goes back to proving just how much of a hand that biological causes for addiction and genetic makeup can influence the development of this affliction.

While biological causes for addiction and genetics have a big role in determining who is at a higher risk of developing the addiction, it does not dictate who will become addicted.  Many people that have grown up in bad environments or in an addiction laden environment go on to lead successful, productive, and drug-free lives.  While addiction itself is a disease, the initial decision to use drugs or alcohol is a choice, therefore, making it impossible to say definitely who will develop a problem.

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