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Addictive Personality TreatmentAddictive personality treatment is available for people who have or have developed a disorder called “Addictive Personality Disorder.”  Sometimes these are people who become addicted to several things in order to deal with stress in life. Eating disorders, gambling, stealing, drugs and alcohol, along with a host of others, are among the many things people with this disorder tend to abuse. Often these people will have bad opinions of themselves, also known as low self-esteem. Depression can cause the person with APD to turn to addictions. Relieving stress is the common reason for addiction. Most people affected by this disorder have a low tolerance for stress.

Do You Need Addictive Personality Treatment?

When a person with this disorder gains pleasure from their addictions, the brain releases endorphins which are a natural painkiller. This causes the person with APD to want to continue this type of behavior. Addictive personality disorder is a mental illness.

Counseling or psychotherapy can help a person with this type of disorder. The key element of treatment is behavioral therapy. Counseling and group meetings with other addicts can help the person with APD recognize success and can help them when their condition has relapsed. The inpatient addiction program helps the addict to realize the mental and physical problems they face from their addictions.

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Relapse prevention therapy is used in the treatment centers to help a client discover the triggers that cause addictive behavior. With this type of therapy a client can learn how to prevent a full relapse of their addiction.  Psychotherapy can address the underlying reason for addiction and help the client learn new ways of coping with their emotions. It is very important to start addictive personality treatment early so the person affected by addictive personality disorder can develop skills that keep them from falling into addictive patterns.

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