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AddictionsAddictions affect millions of people all over the world.  This problem began when people first discovered substances such as marijuana and alcohol. With the new addictive substances such as prescription drugs and illegal drugs, addiction is continuing to grow into a global epidemic.  An addiction is a problem that affects the mind, body and personality of a person within days of their misuse.  The  affects their families and loved ones. An addict will no longer be viewed as the person that he or she used to be, and over time they will become alone and unable to function in today’s society.

Effects of Addictions

People that suffer from addictions show many of the same distinguishing side effects. They will have problems with their health and they may also have regular mood swings.  Some very common side effects of addictions include, but are not limited to, changing in his or her social group, doctor shopping for their prescriptions, having no money while working throughout his or her entire week, and having definite physical or mental changes for the worse.  The addiction will cause them to only concern themselves with getting high, and this problem over time will do destructive things in the addict’s life such as loss of his or her career, loss of friends and relatives, loss of his or her ability to function in school ultimately leading to him or her dropping out, and possible death due to the internal damage that addiction brings.

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