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Addiction therapy is an essential part of restoring your life. When you can’t function without being on the substance of your choice, you have a problem. Many people think that stopping the behavior will make it go away. However, the withdrawal symptoms that emerge may trigger you to go back to abusing the substance of your choice. Inpatient addiction treatment can get you back on your feet. If your family members or friends also engage in substance abuse, it’s best to remove yourself from them. Instead of staying in the negative environment that triggered your behavior in the first place, an inpatient treatment program removes you from it.

What Addiction Therapy Offers

Addiction TherapyA stay at a residential rehab facility includes more than just stopping the drug abuse. After the detox period clients participate in regular addiction therapy sessions. During these sessions clients talk about their own struggles with drugs and they find out they’re not alone; they meet other clients going though the same process. Therapy sessions are led by professionals with experience in the field of addiction.

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Addiction therapy also peels away the layers of underlying issues which may trigger the addiction. Often mental, psychological, and emotional difficulties cause clients to abuse drugs as a form of self-medication. Addressing the underlying issues may eliminate the need to turn to drugs. Addiction therapy changes the way the client thinks about drugs. It makes them realize that drugs are not needed to function properly. The therapy forces a client to realize how their abuse negatively affected their life and the lives of others. Instead of running away, you now have to face your problems and deal with them as part of your recovery.

Whether you engage in group therapy, one-on-one therapy or family therapy sessions, this type of program is essential to your recovery.

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