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The first major organ in the body to be affected by drug addiction is the brain. The powerful chemicals in drugs or alcohol create changes in the way the brain processes information.  In most cases, addiction affects the mind by disruptions in dopamine production which result in the individual being unable to feel pain or pleasure naturally.  They now must depend on the drug or alcohol to help them feel “normal.”  Sometimes these effects can be permanent, leaving the person to have problems with cognitive abilities, memory loss, and trouble fitting in with society.

Addiction Affects the Mind – The Treatment Process

Addiction Affects The MindThe first step in getting your mind clean is to eliminate all traces of the substance being abused. You will go through this step in the first part of your treatment known as detox.  While in the detox program your mind and body is cleansed and prepared to take back control again.  The addiction affects the mind problems have made it difficult for you to be able to think clearly, but once detox has been successfully completed, you will be able to think more clearly and focus on healing the other aspects of the addiction.

The second step in treatment is known as rehab.  In this step you will see things more clearly and can start to feel things again that you haven’t felt in a long time. Going through the rehab process with group counseling, family, and professionals and being able to talk and understand yourself again is the most important part of rehab.

Substances Will No Longer Be Needed

At your final step, your mind will be clean, clear, and drug or alcohol free and your ability to regain control has come back to you.  Most important, you will no longer need the drugs or alcohol that has clogged your mind and you will be able to regain self-esteem and confidence so that you can live a productive life.  Let today be the day you take the first steps to understanding how addiction affects the mind so that, with treatment, you can overcome this powerful addiction.

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