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If you are wondering what to expect during addiction rehabilitation, because you or someone you know has made the decision to pursue addiction rehabilitation and regain control of a precious life, this is a good sign. The next commitment is to seek addiction rehabilitation. You are casting aside an addictive lifestyle and replacing it with an improved, wholesome and positive attitude that life is again worth living and loving.

Addiction RehabilitationSo, now what can you expect to see, hear, smell, taste and feel while you go through the process of drug rehabilitation? Many who enter drug rehabilitation treatment centers experience anxiety and fear at first, primarily because of the unknown factor of it all. Will I be safe?  Will I be taken care of, if I cannot take care of myself temporarily? Will they talk about me to others? Will I fail? Will they fail?

All of your senses will be heightened. Perhaps you will hear soothing music and the trickling sounds of water fountains. This scenario would be a holistic or private integrative center.  It really depends on the type of drug rehab center you choose or are admitted to for your treatment.

Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment

Smells influence individual thoughts and behaviors in profound ways. Some centers are very savvy in this area and have even hired clinical aroma therapists to help the client deal with nausea and headaches in a drug-less fashion during detoxification and drug withdrawal. During drug rehab, some clients report that their sense of smell was significantly altered; and things they loved to smell before became intolerable. This is similar to a smoker kicking the habit and now cannot stand to be near smoke.

In many addiction treatment centers, you will find nutritionists and dietary advisers who will redirect your food intake to reinforce internal healing and detoxification for your body. This does not mean bad food; not by a long shot. The menu is normally well thought out with freshness in abundance. Your taste may change while going through treatment for addictions. You may notice metallic tastes, dryness in your mouth, an increase or decrease in flavors; and almost always there will be cravings of some sort.

The feelings associated with drug addiction rehabilitation are sometimes overwhelming. You will feel cared-for as massage therapists help ease tension, increase relaxation and expel toxins from your tissues. You may feel cold and hot, going from one extreme to the other. Some people feel as though insects are crawling on them. It is likely that you will feel uncomfortable initially and this is normal.

In integrative centers, the atmosphere is typically very resort like with lakes, calming colors, a great deal of natural surroundings and peaceful decor.

Professional Rehabilitation Methods

Due to the variety of drug and alcohol addictions, treatment methods and the length of stays will differ from facility to facility and from person to person.  When entering a drug rehab facility, it is crucial to not carry in with you unobtainable or irrational expectations of yourself or the staff. Do not expect to be “cured” over night. Do not expect that you will be discomfort free. Do not assume that you will not be held responsible for yourself and your actions. Do not think that this will be easy. Do, however, expect a positive outcome and believe that you can accomplish this very important life goal. We’re here to help you through your addiction and on to a better, drug-free, life.  Call Stop Your Addiction today, find out what to expect during addiction rehabilitation.

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