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When families experience someone who is recovering from heroin use, they want to know exactly “What is heroin addiction?” Heroin addiction is a condition that damages both the body and psyche when it is used as a recreational drug. It is usually used to alleviate withdrawals or to self-medicate for emotional pain. The effects of this condition can be devastating.

Do You Ask Yourself “What Is Heroin Addiction?”

Heroin AddictionWithdrawals are very important to identify when learning to know what is heroin addiction. Both withdrawals and side effects from the use of heroin have adverse effects on a variety of the human body’s physiological systems. This may include the central nervous system, respiratory, as well as the circulatory system. The effects of heroin addiction can prove to be fatal when it adversely affects the heart, lungs, and brain. When combined with other potentially harmful substances such as alcohol, barbiturates, sedatives, and other medicines as well.

For many clients, it is difficult to break away from the mental prison resulting from drug abuse. The high dependency on the drug feels like the only solution to decrease pain. At our inpatient clinic, we treat the condition and dependency as a condition that can be reversed. Through a method of rapid heroin detoxification, we seek to alleviate the pain of our client in the most humane and natural way. We provide our services in a setting that is never judgmental.

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Clients undergo a detoxification method that eliminates all heroin opiates from the person’s bodily system. By doing so, this helps the client recover and break the cycle of returning to the drug. Our clients are always treated with respect and dignity so that there is hope for a successful recovery. Since we now know what heroin addiction is, take the time now to help your loved one who has fallen dependent on this drug.

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