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An intervention is a process in which a person is asked and is given a chance to change their way of thinking, feeling and behaving. The reason behind an intervention is to confront a person in a calm and non-threatening way and let them see their lifestyle, behavior, and/or actions, risks that may be involved, and also see and understand the effects of these things on their life, family, and friends.  In this instance, all about addiction, and how to help.

Do You Ask Yourself, What Is An Intervention?

An InterventionAn intervention usually requires several people, family members, friends, coworkers, to come together in order to let the individual know how they are directly affecting others with their addiction. Usually the goal of an intervention is to influence the individual enough that they will decide to get help. Interventions usually occur when the family and or friends have had enough and feel they can no longer deal with their actions. Many times close people to the individual will write a letter and read it aloud during the intervention to truly let the addict know exactly how they feel and what their addiction has done to them personally.

Another way an intervention is used in order to help persuade someone to seek professional help for their addiction is by showing the individual that family and friends support them and want to see them get better and lead a healthy life. Also, an intervention can be used to let the individual know that if they do not get professional help, they have decided to no longer help them.

In many cases of addiction, friends and family help the addict so much that the individual has no reason for getting better. They will often lie for the addict or help them get out of trouble and will help hide the addiction from friends or family. This is known as enabling, and the practice will have to stop before the addict will seek help. During an intervention, family members let it be known that they will no longer provide financial support or anything else that will enable the addict to continue their behavior.

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Before conducting an intervention, you should seek the advice and counsel from professional intervention and addiction treatment specialists. This process can often become violent if not handled properly, so you should learn as much as possible beforehand to help avoid any complications.

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