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What is addiction? Addiction usually refers to the compulsive use of drugs or alcohol, but there are hundreds of other addictions such as What Is Addiction?gambling, hoarding, sex, and countless other. Once addiction develops, the individual can no longer consciously choose  to consume more of the substance or not.  This is due to the changes in the brain caused by the addictive substances that causes the individual to need more and more.  This also contributes to an addicted person becoming angry or violent if they can’t get more of the drug of choice.

Do You Wonder, What is Addiction?

With prolonged addiction, these changes get worse and he or she finds that they need more of the substance to obtain the desired “high” because the body has become tolerant to the substances and requires an increased dose. As this affliction progresses, the addict will do anything to gain access to more of the substances. Some resort to criminal activities such as stealing, prostitution or buying from street dealers.

Addiction is a very powerful. Even after rehab help, some addicts slip up and relapse, even after years of being sober.  Sometimes this is just simply because the addict feels they can no longer tolerate the craving and other times will find themselves around something or someone who triggers those old feelings of being high. Whatever the reason for the individual relapsing, it is all too common and occurs more often than not. However, there are some individuals who do fight off their addiction and do not relapse. Most often these are individuals who received professional help a team trained in therapy such as those found in inpatient facilities. No matter what the addiction is, it is one of the toughest things to get over and to leave behind for the rest of one’s life, but it is possible to enjoy a successful recovery.

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