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About Our Drug Rehab Program

Our approach to recovery is successful because our counselors have expertise in many of the various modalities of treatment that we offer in our program.  Some have worked in 12-step programs, others have worked in Christian or faith-based treatment centers and some have gotten sober themselves through cognitive programs. This diversity allows clients to have a choice in which path they wish to follow toward recovery.

Trained, Certified Staff Members

Clients enjoy an environment that is unique and proven to work.  Our goal is to guide clients into creating a recovery base that is most suited to their particular needs.

Although some programs find success in utilizing what is called a “social model” recovery system, or hiring staff members that are program graduates, is not a social model recovery system and hires most staff members from the addictions field. We have brought together trained, licensed or certified members of different modalities that have a background in the addictions field.

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