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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Choosing a rehab facility can be a confusing process due to the variety of options available. We offer an open-ended treatment program with an average 30 – 60 day stay. Our experienced staff will help you create the program which is best suited for your unique needs.

With our addiction treatment program, you can have a great start with a solid foundation and a program that you can accept and believe in. Our inpatient rehab program is a new alternative to the typical Minnesota Model 12-Step Program offered by many facilities.

Our programs offer clients a chance to find their own path to addiction recovery and reap the many benefits of this unique and successful approach to rehabilitation.

Rehab Therapies You Will Find

  • Addiction Treatment
  • Confront Your Addiction
  • Group or Individual Counseling
  • Inventory and Self-Discovery
  • Moral Reconation
  • Acupuncture and Massage Therapy
  • Exercise, Vitamins, Nutrition, and Sauna Available for Every Client
  • Five Supplemental Enhancements:
    1. Cognitive Treatment
    2. Holistic Addiction Treatment
    3. Faith-Based Addiction Treatment
    4. Self-Help Addiction Treatment or 12-Step
    5. Native American Addiction Treatment

Detoxification and Withdrawal

The first stage of any addiction rehab program includes withdrawing from the immediate effects of the drugs. We help clients achieve this by providing 24-hour supervision by trained addiction specialists during detoxification. This is especially important for anyone suffering from severe opiate addiction or extreme alcoholism. These individuals must not attempt withdrawal on their own but should enter an addiction treatment center in order to avoid serious complications during detox.

How Vitamins, Nutrition, and Massage Therapy Work for Rehabilitation

Drugs and abused substances typically block unwanted feelings in a person’s life, but they also numb a person to the point that they cannot confront life in general. After years of substance abuse, individuals enter an addiction treatment center suffering from the debilitating physical effects of the substance. Before optimal health can be restored, the individual must be cleansed of the toxic residues present in their system. Our primary goal is to improve the client’s physical health, and we accomplish this by providing safe detoxification, nutritional guidance, exercise classes, and a variety of other options available in our addiction rehab centers.

Changing the Way We Think and Feel Will Help in Recovery

The second component in treating addiction is treating the mind. Prolonged drug use distorts the user’s attitude, outlook, and ethics. Their entire existence revolves around the addiction, and the brain needs to be retrained. The addict must learn new ways of dealing with life’s situations if addiction treatments are to be successful.

Be Set Free From Guilt and Shame Brought on by Drug and Alcohol Addiction

An additional component of effective addiction treatment is in the Inventory and Self-Discovery program. Here the client explores the series of events, belief systems, and choices made that led to the current condition. Years of abusing drugs or alcohol can lead to guilt, shame, remorse, severe health risks, and more, but in Inventory and Self-Discovery clients gain the skills and tools needed to finally be free from these negative thoughts and beliefs.

Finding a Path that Works for You Will Help in Addiction Treatment

After prolonged periods of addiction, a person’s spirit seems broken after behaviors and actions to obtain drugs have been typically less than ethical. These behaviors often result in a person abandoning the religious aspects of their life due to shame or a sense of hopelessness. Our addiction treatment program allows clients to choose a spiritual track to therapy that reflects their religious or spiritual beliefs. Many recovered addicts admit that being allowed to draw strength through their own specific religious convictions during therapy had a positive effect on their overall recovery experience.

Financing for Drug Rehabilitation

Unfortunately, many people today find it difficult to afford effective treatment. We are dedicated to providing effective services at a low cost. After hearing of the comprehensive services that we provide, many people are surprised at the low cost of our open-ended addiction treatment program. We strive to treat addiction without taking financial advantage of the client or their family. For those who are financially stressed due to economic conditions, we offer financing, making rehab an option for those who would otherwise have to settle for less effective treatment solutions.

Become Forever Recovered

As you can see, at our facility we offer a variety of treatment options to treat any type or severity of addiction. The abundance of options in our treatment program helps tailor a path to recovery that best suits your needs and beliefs. After all, our number one goal is to help our clients become forever recovered.

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