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Holistic Living Following Addiction

When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s more than just their body that suffers; their entire being becomes affected by these substances. Negative health consequences aside from physical health problems may come as a result of addiction. Even life after rehabilitation from addiction can be detrimental to the former addict and holistic living following addiction has proven to help in maintaining sobriety. The definition of holistic is, “characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account the mental and social […]

Underlying Cause Behind Addiction

The only way you can truly solve your problem is to determine the underlying cause behind addiction. How are you supposed to fix a problem that you do not know the cause or source of? For example, health, cars, and relationships — if you do not know exactly what is wrong with each of them, then you cannot fix the problem you are having with them! The same goes for addiction. You need to determine your underlying causes of substance abuse before you can achieve […]

Long-Term Inpatient Rehab

Some people with drug and alcohol addictions need a lot more than just 30 days to heal. Those who have been through some type of rehab before felt their hopes of sobriety crash when they relapsed over and over. Some get very tired of that life, and maybe what they really need is a long-term inpatient rehab stay to get the kind of help they really need. Put simply, statistics have shown that the longer an alcohol or drug addict spends in an inpatient addiction […]

Exercise and Nutrition in Addiction Treatment

Many treatment centers are focusing more on nutrition and exercise. Exercise and nutrition in addiction treatment play an important role in recovery. Below is a list of ways that nutrition and exercise can help someone who is recovering from an addiction: Improved Quality Of Life There was a study done that examined the effects that exercise had on people who were recovering from addiction. The results of the study showed that people who exercised while they were in recovery had an improvement in their overall quality […]

Addiction Recovery Support

Being addicted to a substance is a serious medical condition that impacts an addict, as well as his professional and personal relationships. Overcoming this addiction will require treatment from a professional rehabilitation center, in addition to a strong addiction recovery support team. Going through the recovery process can be difficult, but with a good support system, the odds of relapsing reduce. Remember that anything beneficial to the success of a person’s recovery from substance addiction is worth having. Addiction By The Numbers The National Institute on […]

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Over the years, cocaine has earned quite a name for itself. US culture has essentially sensationalized the usage of alcohol, so abuse and addiction often go unnoticed. However, the truth still remains that alcohol is an incredibly dangerous drug. It is highly susceptible to abuse and addiction, and it can have many long-term effects on the body and mind. Alcohol rehabilitation is one of the safest ways to overcoming alcoholism. What Are The Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse? According to WebMD, there can be many different symptoms […]

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

There is an extremely important link between nutrition and addiction recovery. The role that proper nutrition plays in addiction recovery is constant. There is not a single moment during the process when nutrition isn’t playing a key role. After successfully completing an inpatient addiction treatment program, many individuals don’t realize how much of a price they’ve paid with their body for addiction. It’s almost impossible to find an addiction treatment center that doesn’t offer health nutrition to their patients. Proper nutrition is the foundation for every […]

Holistic and Drug-Based Rehabilitation

Admitting that you have a problem abusing drugs or alcohol is a very difficult thing to do. But if you are able to do it, you will be on a wonderful path ahead of you. This path will lead you to sobriety and ultimate long-term recovery, maybe through a holistic addiction treatment facility. Admitting that you have an addiction problem is the first step in treating your issues and getting better. Even though this is true, most of the people who have addiction problems will […]


Addiction can and will destroy your life. Millions of people in the United States each year have suffered or died from health problems and overdoses directly caused by their addiction, and the family of the addict is equally victimized. Children of addicts are more likely to go through child abuse and family disintegration which has terrible effects on their long-term mental and physical health. It will be extremely difficult to overcome an addiction, but admitting yourself into a drug rehabilitation center and receiving the benefits of […]

Inpatient versus Outpatient

There are many different approaches to drug rehab.  Some approaches include a medical detoxification program, group therapy, one-on-one therapy, art therapy, yoga, meditation, and others. A decision about which drug rehab program is right for you, inpatient versus outpatient, is a deeply personal one. The specific approach of a rehab program can make all the difference in an addict’s success. While there are many different approaches to drug rehabilitation, there are two major ways in which treatment can be delivered. These two ways are inpatient […]

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