Our Rehab Facility

In our rehab facility you will enjoy an environment that gives a sense of relaxation and nurturing.  We strive to make our clients feel as comfortable and safe as possible during their time here.  While you undergo addiction treatment in our program, you will always be treated with the respect and compassion you need and deserve.  Unlike many treatment programs ours is based on believing that you are an individual with a very real disease that needs the most effective treatment possible.

Our facility is state licensed (#130102) and was once home to the Boy Scouts of America, donated to them by Dr. Kellogg.  It has also been home for other programs such as Battle Creek Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic.  We take a great deal of pride in providing a serene atmosphere for our clients in a facility that once had such prestigious beginnings, and our goal is to maintain that status.

We employ only professional, friendly, caring staff to interact with our clients during this sensitive time in their lives.  Our approach to treatment is the most innovative and effective therapy available today.  By allowing clients to take part in creating their own path to recovery, we succeed in getting effective, lasting results and with hundreds of testimonials from former clients, it is obvious our approach works.

Our Rehab Facility Treatment Programs

We understand that the best way of getting positive results for our clients is to offer a full-scale program with a variety of  treatment options to choose from.  Clients can choose traditional, faith-based, spiritual or holistic treatment methods depending on their preferences.  Within those parameters are also a host of options that allow clients to create their own customized plan.

During our group and individual counseling sessions, clients gain a better understanding about the causes of  addiction and can then devise more effective methods of dealing with life’s daily stress without needing reinforcement from drugs or alcohol.  Each aspect of our program is designed to achieve a specific result which helps clients gain the tools and confidence to step back out into the world as a drug-free individual.

To further enhance our client’s experience, the location of this 60,000 sq. ft. building presents a peaceful view of 14 wooded acres overlooking a magnificent lake.


Not the Typical Drug Rehab Facility Setting

Recovery from addiction often conjures up many unpleasant feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse.  When someone is struggling with these feelings, they need a calm environment that is comforting, they don’t need a cold, clinical setting that makes them feel even worse.  We believe a client needs to trust the staff and the program and we make every effort to ensure that all their needs are met and that they get the support and encouragement they need, whether it be day or night, while they attempt to confront their addiction.

Healing an addiction requires an approach that improves the physical well-being, brings emotional balance, and restores self-esteem.  Our addiction treatment and recovery program is designed specifically to address all factors that played a role in the addiction.  Through years of working with addicts, we know what they need for lasting recovery.  Years of substance abuse has left a trail of damage in every area of the person’s life, and our program gives them back the desire to rebuild and to face life on its own terms, standing strong against a barrage of temptations.

Our goal at A Forever Recovery is to help you unlock your potential by ridding your body and mind from the control of addictive substances.  Your success is our primary focus.  It is the only reason we are here.

Take a moment now to call and speak with one of our counselors.  In only a few minutes you will learn why this is the right program for you, and can be on your way to becoming the real you again.



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