What Is Intervention?

What Is Intervention?What is intervention? An intervention begins as a process to help a person change their feelings, behaviors and even their thoughts.  Most drug or alcohol interventions are usually conducted by friends or family members who have been negatively affected by the addicted person’s behavior in some way.

During an intervention, it is important to make the person who is going thru an intervention feel comfortable, and they should be approached in a non-confrontational manner.  Those who are involved will be prepared with what they want to say to their loved one during the intervention to express how this addiction has affected them.  In most cases, self-destructive behavior is one thing an addict can’t recognize on their own, and an intervention can hopefully provide this insight, help them have a positive response to intervention, and help them agree to seek treatment.

What is Intervention and Its Purpose?

The main reason for an intervention is to get the addict to listen and realize they have a problem that needs to be addressed before they loose control or even lose their life.  Many addicts feel that their drug abuse is harmless because they haven’t hit rock bottom yet, and for this reason, an intervention is necessary in order to prevent the addict from actually reaching rock bottom.

Ask a Professional, What is Intervention

Interventions need to be done once you notice a that a loved one or a friend is having a battle with alcohol or drug addiction.  When you feel the need to conduct an intervention, please call and seek the guidance or services of a professional interventionist.  Ask them…What is Intervention?


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