Opiate List

Any drug appearing on the opiate list has the potential for dependence or addiction to occur with misuse or abuse of the drug.  In some cases, individuals taking these drugs for extended periods of time can develop increased tolerance levels, even when following the dosage strictly as prescribed. Some of the more commonly prescribed opiates include Percocet, Vicodin, Morphine, and Codeine. Whether legally or illegally obtained, the danger of serious side effects is the same in either case if the drug is misused.

[heading style="1"]List of Common Opiates[/heading]

The following list can help someone identify the common names and street names for the most popular opiates, especially if they have heard a loved one using these terms and weren’t aware that they might be using these substances:

Common Name   
Street Name
BuprenorphineBupe, Subs
CodeineCody, Captain Cody, T, T-threes, Schoolboy, Doors, Fours, Loads
DarvocetDillies, Yellow Footballs, D's
DemerolDemmies, Meperdine,
DilaudidLittle D, Dillies
FentanylDance Fever, China Girl, Jackpot, TNT,  Friend, Tango and Cash
HeroinSmack, Black Tar, Junk, Chiva, Horse, Opium
LorcetTabs, Norco, Vikes and Viko.
Lorcet PlusTabs, Norco, Vikes and Viko.
LortabTabs, Norco, Vikes and Viko.
MethadoneDollies, Doll, Junk, Metho, Jungle Juice, Fizzies, Juice, Phy, Chocolate Chip Cookies
MorphineMud, Murphy, Dreamer, Emsel, First Line, God’s Drug, Hows, M, MS, Block, Cube, Drugstore Dope, Goma, Mary, Morphina, Morphy, Mojo, Miss Emma, Mr. Blue, Morph, Unkie
NorcoVikes, Hydro
PercocetPercs, Paulas, 512's, Blue-Dynamite
PercodanOC’s, Oxy, Kicker, OX, Oceans, Killers, Percs
OxycodonePercs, Paulas, 512's, Blue-Dynamite
OxycontinOC’s, Oxy, Kicker, blue, OX, Oceans, Killers
RMS – MS ContinM, White Stuff, Miss Emma, Hocus, and Monkey
VicodinVike, Vic, Watson 387
Vicodin ESVike, Vic, Watson 387
Vicodin HPVike, Vic, Watson 387
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We believe that the people who come to us are not addicts because they want to be; it is because they cannot stop their dependence. We ensure that our clients have quality treatment options for conquering the drugs on the opiate list, and also have a plan for when they leave the facility as well.