Detox From Opiates

Detox from opiates is one of the most feared stages for addicts. Opiates are some of the most potent and addicting drugs in the world today. Whether it is prescribed opiates or illegal opiates, their effects and recovery are all the same.

Withdrawal Effects

Detox From OpiatesAddicts going through detox for opiates experience severe withdrawal effects once they completely quit using the drugs. This happens because the user’s body is reacting to the lack of drugs that it is used to. The body craves the drugs and even though the drugs cause harmful effects to the user, their body is just as addicted as the person is mentally addicted.

The Side Effects Usually Subside Quickly During Opiate Detox

Opiate detox usually brings problems into the addict’s life such as: vomiting, hallucinations, confusion, migraines, body cramps, aches  and pains, fever, seizures, blood pressure increase, and constipation. These withdrawal effects that one experiences while in detox from opiates will subside after roughly a week and this is when the recovering addict can truly begin to recover from their addiction to opiates. Also, thanks to modern treatments, many of these withdrawal effects can be minimized with a variety of methods that one can undergo while in detox.

An Addiction Treatment Center Can Help

Recovering from any addiction can be a scary time, especially if you are going to try to overcome an addiction to opiates. There are risks to face, but without the proper treatments, an opiate addict will begin to experience life-threatening effects within a few short weeks of misuse. If you are dealing with an addiction to opiates, get help now before it is too late.

Contact our addiction treatment center today to talk one-on-one with an addiction treatment counselor and begin your recovery today.


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