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woman addicted to opiates looking at a variety of pills

Becoming Addicted to Opiates

If you look at the statistics on opiate abuse and addiction, it isn’t hard to realize that far too many people are becoming addicted to opiates on a daily basis. ...

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woman with handful of pills for her xanax addiction

Overcoming Xanax Addiction

Overcoming Xanax addiction often requires professional treatment because of the potentially severe withdrawal symptoms that can occur.  Xanax is in the category of drugs known as benzodiazepines.  It is prescribed ...

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Addicted to Depressants

What Happens When You Become Addicted to Depressants?

When you become addicted to depressants and binge on the drug, you will experience dangerous effects such as slowed breathing and low blood pressure. The breathing and heart rate can ...

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Adderall Addiction and What it Leads To

Understanding Adderall Addiction and What it Can Lead To

There are three categories of prescription drugs which have the potential for abuse and addiction. These are opioids, sedatives, and stimulants. Many people don’t know that you can develop Adderall ...

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young girl with pills for psychoactive drug abuse

Consequences of Psychoactive Drug Abuse

When we hear the term “psychoactive drug abuse” it conjures up thoughts of something illegal. However, the complete opposite is true.  Legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco are also ...

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prescription pills used for oxycodone high

Becoming Addicted to the Oxycodone High

Unfortunately, it is far too easy to find out how to get an oxycodone high.  The instructions are all over the Internet for anyone who is looking.  So, why are ...

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young girl and boy with bottle of beer

What Makes Roofies a Date Rape Drug?

A date-rape drug is any substance that is used for incapacitating a person for the particular reason of performing a sexual assault.   These drugs are also known as predator drugs.  ...

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Person with Opiate Addiction

Defining the Criteria for Opiate Addiction

So much has been written and talked about today regarding opiate addiction. Many individuals don’t know how to determine if they are indeed addicted to opiates or if they are not. ...

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unhappy woman with valium addiction

Becoming Addicted to Valium Despite the Side Effects

Valium (Diazepam) is a prescription benzodiazepine that is used for a variety of illnesses.  Because of its sedative-hypnotic effects, Valium can be dangerous if abused.  Some of the common uses ...

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Person rolling marijuana joint

Can Marijuana Cause Long-Term Side Effects from Abuse?

Long-term side effects from Marijuana abuse is a subject which has been debated for many years now. Users of this drug say that it is not harmful and is not addictive, ...

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