Addiction Treatment

Our inpatient rehab facility understands that there are different types of addiction which need different types of addiction treatment. Moreover, every one of our clients is treated as an individual with respect, and given much encouragement on their path to recovery.

Addiction Treatment Chemistry

Addiction TreatmentAddiction treatment is tough because addiction changes the chemistry of the brain. The brain had receptors for opioids long before drugs like morphine and heroin were discovered. Alcohol also binds to a neuroreceptor and alters the functioning of a neurotransmitter even as it depresses the nervous system. Barbiturates behave very much the same way, and even affect the same receptor and neurotransmitter. Cocaine and amphetamines are stimulants that alter the balance of the brain’s neurotransmitters.

Our treatment programs are tailored to the client, the specific drug, and how long the client has been abusing it. The addiction to amphetamines and cocaine is thought to be psychological and withdrawal, while not life-threatening, is still difficult. The addiction to drugs like alcohol, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines is physical as well as physiological and an abrupt stop of the drug can be dangerous, even deadly. This is also true of opiates. Our clinic understands that the difference between a psychological and physical addiction is often a technicality. The compulsion to take the drug an individual has been addicted to over a long period, whether it’s cocaine, heroin, morphine, oxycodone, or methamphetamine, can override any other consideration, including financial, physical, and mental health.

Complications also arise if the drugs our clients have taken are illegal, and they’ve been ordered by a court to undergo addiction treatment. There might initially be some resistance to receiving help on the part of the individual.

End Addiction With Addiction Treatment

Our addiction treatment methods come into their own when an individual comes to us with the desire to quit the drug once and for all. Ending addiction can be a long and complicated process in which the client may need years of support. With some drugs the withdrawal period can be relatively short. With others, the client may have symptoms including psychological symptoms, like depression, for months or years after they’ve physically quit the drug.

The addiction treatment our clinic provides allows our clients to return to health in a calm and supportive atmosphere, no matter what their addiction.


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